by Ivan Troyanovsky


I’ve always been obsessed with detail: close-ups and Scandinavian design. Learning art in the university, traveling the world, supporting the local fashion/arts and crafts community, and taking art classes made my transition to photography smooth and natural.

I got my first camera when I received a small inheritance from my grandma. She was a very special person in my life: truly beautiful and loving.

I was born in Russia and moved from St. Petersburg, Russia to St. Petersburg, Florida in 2009. I consider myself a very lucky woman, being able to live and enjoy both beautiful and artsy cities.  I speak Russian and English, and I am learning Spanish.

I love taking photos of art objects, design elements and interiors; creative people and their stories also are always fascinating.  In my portfolio, you will find local artists, their studios or business environment.

I run an artisan online gallery,, which supports local creatives through social media and events. Also, I teamed up with my talented husband, Eddie Velez, in helping startups and professionals create a powerful and effective online presence.


Photography is a form of art for me. It mixes real life with an imaginary world, full of light, colors, beauty and memories. I get inspired by Nordic stillness, yet love the Tropical sun. And… Nothing can compete with the morning’s clean and natural light.